Hello everyone! Quite a few things have changed since the last time many of you were here. To see the craziness that has happened over the past few months click here!

Welcome to D50!

D50 is a baking blog that I hope everyone can enjoy. I’m not a professional baker by any means, but I love to create, bake, and share everything I make 🙂

  • Wish List – I’m always open for new recipes! Have one you’re fond of or one you’d like me to try? Comment here!
  • Recipes – Click recipes to see thumbnails of all recipes I’ve posted. Click the picture to be taken to its page!

Thank you for coming by, and if you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to follow my blog! You’ll get an email with any updates I do. Signing up is as easy as entering your email into the box under “Follow D50!” and hitting “sign me up!”.

Highlighted Recipes:

Molten Chocolate SoufflĂ© – this delicious dessert is springy on the outside and rich and molten in the middle!

Molten Chocolate Souffle

Lemon Bars – these tart refreshing treats make the perfect dessert!

Lemon Bars

Recent Confections:

Chocolate Stout Cake – An incredibly rich and moist chocolate cake, with a hint of the stout of your choice!

Cinnamon Rolls – Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? These are quick, easy, gooey, and delicious!

Chocolate chiffon cake with caramel sauce A light and airy cake with a fantastic caramel sauce!

Mini lemon cupcakes – these mini treats are the perfect blend of tart and sweet!

Other news:

On the top left hand part of the page there’s a search bar there for your convenience! While I don’t have too many posts cluttering my blog right now, eventually it will just be easier to type in “chocolate” or “cookies” and a list of the items I’ve created that fit that category will pop up.

On that same note, you can always click on the name of the category listed on the left and a list of posts fitting that description will pop up.

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